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Best Diet for Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is becoming increasingly common among dogs. Although the disease has been extensively studied and several types of medications and other treatment options have been formulated, there remains a big chance of maintaining your dog’s health with a proper and healthy diet. Studies show that dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease when administered with a proper diet tend to get treated faster than when not following a proper diet. However, changes in diet should always be made by consulting with a veterinary doctor. Mentioned below is a list of the types of foods which should essentially included in your dog’s diet if suffering from or diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

Low fat foods

Restricting your dog suffering from Cushing’s disease from consuming fatty foods like fatty fish, pork, beef, etc is inevitable. This is because, dogs suffering from this disease will naturally show an increased appetite and abnormally high water retention. As a result, dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease become obese. You can prevent this from happening by feeding them a low fat diet.

Raw food

In our opinion, It is best to administer a raw food diet for dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease. This is because high levels of purines are considered toxic for dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease and cooked foods have been found to be much higher in purine levels than raw food. Moreover, the raw diet, also known as the Biologically Approved Raw Food or (BARF) diet has been scientifically proven to posses therapeutic and beneficiary effects for dogs suffering from this health condition. This is because a raw food diet supplies the necessary amount of protein to the dog, whereas keeping fiber, carbohydrate and sodium levels low.

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Low fiber

While on medication for Cushing’s disease, it becomes extremely difficult for the dog to digest high fiber foods properly. Although fibers more or less are present in all types of foods, it is importance to avoid foods which are high in both fibers and carbohydrates like home-cooked rice and vegetables. Hence, even if your dog is on raw food or a natural food diet, you can reduce the the amount of fiber that goes into their body by giving them shredded vegetables. Shredded vegetables and fruits are comparatively low in fibers and also provide the dog with a fat-free diet.

High potassium diets

Dogs suffering from Cushing’s disease should be subjected to potassium rich foods like beans, broccoli, potatoes with skin and salmon fish. Potassium rich diet is recommended as potassium helps these dogs recover from the condition faster and stay healthy while on Cushing’s medications.

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Dogs Love It Natural | We believe that certain canine diseases can be treated and/or managed far better using all-natural ingredients then any similar prescription medication. Research has shown that the side effects of some prescriptions may be more harmful then the disease itself – Cushing’s Disease being at the top of this list!

Cushalin has successfully been used to help manage the symptoms of Cushing’s since 2008. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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